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A period that is vital for New Mothers to be given special care & diet after birth. That’s when their bodies will be absorbing nutrients and eliminate “wind” inside the body, postpartum recovery period is important to help New Mothers to avoid weak health.

Ingredients & food beneficial for confinement: Old Ginger, Sesame Oil, Red Dates, Black Beans, Black Fungus and Chinese Angelica Roots etc.

Food like Red Fermented Wine “Traditional Red Wined Chicken”, Pig Trotters, Liver & Kidney Soup, Black Fungus and Beans, Vegetable & Vinegar Pork Dishes etc. Mostly for improvement metabolism and lower cholesterol level, with high protein & iron content, gelatinous collagen to promote blood circulation, help to regulate the mentrual cycle, improve vitality, cleanse the arteries etc.


PACKAGE - 2 Dishes, 1 Soup, Brown Rice and TeaPER PERSON
1 Day Trial (One Meal)$35.00$38.15
7 Days Single Meal (One Meal)$265.00$288.85
7 Days Double Meal (Dual Meal)$485.00$528.65
14 Days Single Meal (One Meal)$495.00$539.55
14 Days Double Meal (Dual Meal)$935.00$1,019.15
21 Days Single Meal (One Meal)$705.00$768.45
21 Days Double Meal (Dual Meal)$1,335.00$1,455.15
28 Days Single Meal (One Meal)$905.00$986.45
28 days Double Meal (Dual Meal)$1,705.00$1858.45

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